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Author: Mestre Curtis Pierre

MESTRE CURTIS PIERRE 2020* I strive to make you feel better watching the show by staying fresh with new inventions to entertain you and make myself feel better about my performance presentation for you. Let’s keep things interesting when I am performing. Just a bit about One of the videos you will see is about, Revolution Which means change. Spinning revolutions of the feathers represent the clock as it turns Second by second, minute by minute day by day. The colors in the turning feathers represent some ancestral deities known as extraordinary kings and queens from Africa. Preferably known to be from the Congo and Nigeria one leg is the principal female African deities and other legs is principle Male African deities also known as O-re-sha-oz = Orixas the two sets of feathers on my arms represent the sun the one which controls the world and on the other arm represents folkloric tale of the guardian of the crossroads EXU or ElegBa These are different types of Afrocentric and traditional African folkloric performances. Remember everything here is spontaneous. One very important note the extra drumming sounds that you will hear are actually being done live. I am playing a midi board with my feet as I dance and solo in different parts of the song so the sounds that you are hearing are actually live. The effect that you see is a mirror effect that was actually something I stumbled upon. I am not a videographer I am a Master percussionist the other stuff that I did with this production are things that I’ve had to do in the past for my group Casa Samba. So check out this video it’s really one of my best ones for captivation and this is only the beginning of this series I plan to do many more videos similar to this one which I am labeling mysterious. Stay tuned and be ready for anything. It’s all live and unscripted but professional and we will have nothing but big fun doing that. And don’t forget to pull out that old Drum and Percussion and groove along with me. This will probably be your best part. Remember to keep the rhythm clean don’t crowd the beat. And we will sound great!

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