I Will be creating some New exciting & Amazing 4k Video Live New Live Percussion show

Travel In The world through the universal language of rhythm and movement Using Groove machine Beat Machines, Various Music Workstations, Combining a mixture of both ancient and new percussion instruments  Using various Afrocentric melodies as well as rhythms and coming up with a very interesting remix. Something I have started to call “Just do what you do” It is also the name of one of my videos. I used a Self-created Midi Pad-10 PC-Integrated and my New Pandeiro Holder  .

Hello, everyone, this is Mestre Curtis Pierre I hope everybody is staying safe and healthy during these unfortunate times. Here are a few video clips of my new Video Podcast Serie This series is about the World of Percussion. I started the Project in December,  using both ancient and new percussion instruments mixing with different forms of music like jazz, modern, hip hop and contemporary music, and more. I had made a plan to start performing live in my living room. At the time not knowing that everything would be shut down because of the virus. Now I am in a position where I have to perform for my audience in a virtual way. These videos are unscripted and unrehearsed they are very educational, very intuitive, interactive and a bit of comedy too. So pull out that old drum or percussion instrument and play along with me. Remember to keep the rhythm clean and don’t crowd to beat and we will sound great.



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I Love Creating Exciting things for my Fans

Mestre Curtis New Padeiro Holder

Coming up with a very interesting remix. Something I have Started to slogan called “Just do what you do” Is also the name of my 2nd video.


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This is not your typical “sit and watch” type of assembly Pull out that old drum or get that old percussion instrument and join me.  All you have to do is don’t crowd the beat and keep clean and we will be Great Groovin Together

These video clips are 3 to 4 minutes long. The Live Percussion shows are all shot in 4K Formats. What I usually do is layout one hour of Five-minute segments of music simulating an hour show. From there I pick out the best pieces from My best five minutes segments of my show and present them to you as a live show. The best thing about it the Live Percussion shows are live Because they are unrehearsed and unscripted. At this point in my life performing is a rehearsal for me because I have been doing this for over 45 years. I thought about rehearsing for the show But that would not make them live. So what I do I just lay down a nice dance groove BPM on one of my Music workstations When I feel the crew was good I lay some live percussion on top of. After that, Expect anything can happen And it will all be good. I can either bring in a vocalist or some other musicians to do something on top of all that. will be able to join me on stage at different times to play Brasilian drums and dance the Samba, while interacting with the entire audience.




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 The Live Percussion show. My Videos are uplifting, energetic, and appropriate for every age group and fully customizable.  Best for school assembly groups Pre-K through 88th Grade(Adult). Being a native of New Orleans and knowing the problems that our kids face today, Mestre Curtis has adopted the same philosophy of the samba schools in Brasil in taking social responsibility for safeguarding our children and providing them with creative and challenging opportunities and experiences other than what is found in the streets.  It is my desire to provide a venue for getting the community, specifically children and young adults interested in music and dance.  It is important for the Live Percussion show to provide them with a safe place to participate in supervised and structured activities like after school, weekends, and now during These difficult months ahead, They will need to see something positive All the instruments tell a story I will be featuring different stories on various instruments how they are made created and sometimes where they came from. 

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