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  Mestre Curtis Pierre A new Era of Master percussionist in the United States of AmericaPercussion is my business For the past 40 years I have maintained a company of percussionists and dancers for over 30 years I’m still going strong. Not only that doing a culture that is not normally A part of American culture. The United States has a lot of indigenous cultures incorporated Into it. From all over the world the influence of percussion Has eight great impression on the music we listen to today a thing we all call “THE BEAT”
Mestre Curtis has been relentlessly on his Commitment for the past 30 years. He is directly involving himself with the community and the city. As a result, Mestre Curtis has piloted and started countless youth programs.
His programs for children have been fully funded directly by him and his group Casa Samba. In return. He has also published his first book on the Afro Brazilian Martial Art Capoeira. He has also been fortunate enough to teach classes in Brasil on both Samba and Capoeira.

  Please enjoy the videos They are live percussion videos unscripted In unrehearsed. Just doing what I do normally when I’m performing The only differences on and act home in my living room Where I can pull out all of my performance tricks to entertain you to the highest levels. Expect anything But always be able to enjoy and don’t forget to pull out that old rusty drum Or dusty drum Or if it’s in good shape break it out and play along with me.

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I am here to answer any questions you may have. Reach out to me and I’ll respond as soon as I can. I am interested only in all projects But please understand I love what I’m doing Looking forward to hearing from you. Live Percussion Performances.

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