Stand Fa Sup-Um  Mestre Curtis Percussion Videos

This video was shot in 4K

Mestre Curtis Live Percussion Videos

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This is the first video of my performances hope you enjoy it. This video features me playing Multi percussion instruments at the same time. Featuring a special foot pedal set up that I have arranged that gives me the ability to play two(2) cow bells, three Congas and a Surdo Sometimes. Live percussion performances. Fresh new percussion videos Things that you may have seen before or you may not have

I strive to make you feel better watching the show by staying fresh with new inventions to entertain you and make myself feel better about my performance presentation for you. Let’s keep things interesting when I am performing. So check out this video it’s really one of my best ones for cultivation, and this is only the beginning of this series I plan to do many more videos similar to this one which I am labeling Stand Fa Sup-um. Stay tuned and be ready for anything. It’s all live and unscripted but professional and we will have nothing but big fun doing that. And don’t forget to pull out that old Drum and Percussion and groove along with me. This will probably be your best part. Remember to keep the rhythm clean don’t crowd the beat. And we will sound great!



Mestre Curtis Percussion Videos