About This Book

The Art of Pandeirostry
 By Curtis Pierre

This is a Course on how to juggle, spin, flip a Tambourine

( Pandeiro )

    1st Chapter you will the parts of the hand which will be very necessary to understand in order to comprehend the terminology that will be used throughout this book series also you will learn different places to practice, how to play the Brazilian style Tambourine ( Pandeiro)

    In the 2nd Chapter, you will learn the basic movements that will lead you up to advanced movements and from there going on to putting together a series of combinations of the movements you learn.

       In the 3rd Chapter, you will learn the Spinning movement would consist of how to balance the Tambourine (Pandeiro) on one finger while performing different movements passing from one hand to the next while the Tambourine (Pandeiro) is continuously spinning.

     In the 4th chapter, you will learn tossing movements which is basically what it says. Tossing the Tambourine (Pandeiro) from hand-to-hand also using the feet.

    In the 5th chapter, you will learn rolling movements. These are movements where the tambourine rolls on different parts of your body in a controlled manner.

     In the 6th chapter will be advance movements. The advanced movements consist of increasing the difficulty of the basic movements.

    In the 7th chapter, you will learn combinations. These combinations are any number of basic movements put together in a sequence that are sometimes spontaneous.

    In 8th chapter, you will learn some basic techniques on how to play the Tambourine (Pandeiro) Brazilian style

Please study this Book intensely because it is is very necessary to understand the basics of how these techniques work as in everything you do you will need to practice the more complicated the movement, the more you need to practice and make sure you have mastered all the basic movements before moving on to the next chapter

Mestre Curtis Pierre